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Chihiro Hasegawa/Madoka Kikuhara
Hypnosis [red] DX [trans]

actress/Madoka Kikuhara,Chiro Hasegawa

500K Bitrate 693MB , 1M Bitrate 1.16GB

State of ecstasy that succeeds to blissout.
Blissout and coma by mass hypnotism etc. Ecstasy that can be felt because of two people who can become hypnotic states more deeply than anyone.
Slaver is dripped to the person who looks only like two virtual fellation and virtual people such as making love and it attacks it.
The waist will have sexual intercourse is moved up and down, and it faints. Two people who became cats request his female genital each other in the animal change kissing fish each other.
In a partial material change + stop, the state that the whole body stops keeps inserting the cucumber without a hand alone stopping.
And, it is controlled. be started the sex trance in the sexual desire that rises to the climax The male genital is intensely stabbed, and it doesn't feel by signaling the hint and it doesn't feel it though it is moved. Two people who are drowned from hight in sex from insensibility and insensible from which it can achieve it only by hight and hypnosis, and go mad while feeling hight. Masterpieces with which hypnosis was united most with Hello at current year.
Even if it is not a hypnosis fan, it is a recommended work.

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