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Yui Kawagoe
Stay together you vol.01

Actress: Yui Kawagoe
time : 136min
label : Stay together
genre : POV Point Of View

You are cohabiting with Yui.
But you have a series of overtime work and spend the days of cross-purposes though you live together.
You considerably feel the fatigue, too.
Yui spends time slowly together on the weekend so that your heart and soul become refreshing, and you get well. It is because Yui thanks you for your everyday patience.
Yui meets you who came home late on the night of Saturday with a smile and has a drink with dinner after taking a bath in two people.
You spend time in two people in a relaxed mood on Sunday and Yui makes the dinner which you love and treats you.
It is the first of the new series that I made with a wish, "you can go to your office comfortably on Monday of the next week"!
It is the first trial throughout the industry!
This is the series that you get well because a pretty girl puts love to you.
How about to be refreshed?

Price(include tax) 1,980円



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