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To the customer in whom it fails in the settlement in an oversea

The customer who fails in the settlement in an overseas customer must confirm the following respect.

Here is credit card settlement.

1. Name, mail address, and confirmation of credit card at expiration date

2 .The customer who fails though the above-mentioned confirmation was done must confirm the telephone number.

In an overseas customer, there is a customer with short telephone number,
and is a customer for it to cause the settlement failure.
For that case, please apply "0" to the head of the telephone number.
The settlement because there is a customer who succeeds when 0 is added and it makes it to 10 or11 digits.


your telephon number
[ 12345678 ]

add "0" to your telephon number
It changes to 10 or11 digits.

[ 00012345678 ]

My best regards.
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