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Yuka Osawa
Hypnosis [red] DX.10 Mind control

actress/Yuka Osawa

"English subtitle" is attached to this commodity.
There is a part where the translation is a little strange. Please acknowledge it.

"Mind control outdoors play"
Body that shakes waveringly by the hypnotist's hint like pendulum, and becomes it back and forth unconscious. It is induced to the hight, and Squirting though it is the outdoors.
"New female teacher human experimentation"
She of a new female teacher calls train, is made them drink the hypnotic by a lecherous man, and becomes a hypnosis robot that has person's shape without feelings.
"Degenerated beautiful aesthetician"
She who becomes puppet by man's one-sided revenge play. The world of the made pleasure a weak slave's watching ahead in a moment made dirty. The word is embedded directly in having person's shape like the sign.
"Sleep", "Robot and change", and "Repeating change hypnosis" Rule of soul by mind control.



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