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Mirei Kazuha
Hypnosis [red] DX.28 mind control

actress/Mirei Kazuha

[Virtual Hypnosist]
She wants to tempt the senior of the yearning.
A timid college woman voluntarily faces hypnosis.
She feels tea like alcohol by grace of hypnosis.
She terribly comes to feel quite oneself.

[Hypnosis laboratory]
1.Mistake research.
She doesn't shut with the finger opens.
And, her hand begins to feel after pussy without permission.
2.Melody tune research
It hums it with "cock" when listening to music. It hums it with "pussy".
3.Illusion research
Stockings begin to move and it plays a trick.
It moves about without permission and she becomes pleasant terribly.

[Family matters]
"It is still favorite. "
Prohibited relation between woman and father.
Woman who does love not fulfilled to father. The woman gives oneself up to despair.
Revenge by a middle-aged man starts.
He says. "Go to the hell. "



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