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Emiru Momose
Hypnosis [red] DX.27 mind control

actress/Emiru Momose

'Virtual hypnotist'
Woman who voluntarily hangs to hypnosis to obtain a favorite man.
It enters the world of a deep, pleasant hypnosis.
It returns to girlhood because of the sound of the toast of the wineglass.

'Hypnosis laboratory'
1.Repetition operation research
The mind and the body come to request stronger stimulation.
2.Vocal research on smutty word
A part of the word becomes pussy why. However, if this is hypnosis, this is natural.
3.Research of illusion
The colored pattern tickles the body.
It moves by one.
It invades pussy.

'Box girl'
Story that a man presents friend his girl firend.
Compulsory lover transfer. Hypnosis is used.
he said "Swallow Hey girl my penis. "

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