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Emiru Momose
Hypnosis [red] DX.27 Document

actress/Emiru Momose

Emiru Momose meets the world of deep hypnosis.
Non-stop hypnosis document.

It starts from the storage faint to look back on girlhood.
Continuous faint that loses one's strength from body.

"Body rule"
When she see red cigarette lighter, She unconsciously massages her chest.
The pleasure of strong inexperience attacks her.
Hypnosis invades her soul.

"Stop at time"
The flow of time changes.
She surprised at the change around her.
Is this an event that it is made to take off while it doesn't know momentarily?

"Sense rule"
The body feels it very much just a little only by touching the body. Pleasure accumulates in the mind, the body, and the soul. "Illusion"
Emiru sees the illusion man.
A man who exists in the presence is a man of the ideal that the illusion produced.
She does sex with a man of the illusion.
It is beautiful and lonely that Emiru falls in love with a man of the illusion.

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