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Moe Kotsuji
Hypnosis [red] DX.26 Document

actress/Moe Kotsuji

It faints only by the cheer for the finger to be applied by the middle of the forehead, and to faint while opened one's eyes.
It faints without permission even if nothing is done.
Continuous faint and 51 times. "Stop at time"
It stops at time because of the sound of a flute.
I am surprised at the change in the situation awaking.
The mouth tried to laugh away trembles little by little.
"Body rule"
The body was hardened so that it was not possible to do anyhow in my intention.
Pleasure is injected, and the body trembles with the whole body.
"Feelings rule"
Hypnosis that wants to touch penis and becomes it if red always anywhere light is seen.
The mind is manipulated without permission.
An innumerable hand that not is that is sure to see the penis that not is that is sure to be seen touches big hips, and woman's beautiful whole body is made dirty.
Highest number of faints ever.
First-ever "Stiffening hight" announcement.

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