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Minami Yoshizawa
Hypnosis [red]DX25 Super complete

actress/Minami Yoshizawa

Preliminary hypnosis done before chapter of document.
When she sees the light of the penlite, the woman does her indecent favorite thing.
Mischievous that misuses such a hypnosis hint is executed.

The hypnosis images other than this volume are a lot of pilings.
Additionally, Mr.RED appears in the interview before it takes a picture this time.
It rushes into hypnotism at a dash on this day that seemed that it is only an interview it.
It becomes impossible with the pen, the power of the body comes off, and it lie face downies to the table.

"Hypnotic interview long version" that induces the woman who cannot do the grasp of the situation to the world of deep hypnosis is collected simultaneously, too.

It is exactly extremity of the hypnosis work.



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