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Minami Yoshizawa
Hypnosis [red]DX25 Mind Control

actress/Mibami Yoshizawa

'Virtual hypnotist'
When she becomes three o'clock by prior hypnosis, the woman becomes indecent feelings.
Please cherish the hypnosis doll to which the character is controlled.

'Hypnosis laboratory'
1.The sense of the distance disappears, and the thing in the presence cannot be taken.
2."Red color" all over the room is piled up in one place.
3.The character in the book comees up, it crawls in the body, and it turns.

'Woman who became pet'
Personality change by hypnosis. When the mobile-phone melody is heard, any state is sure to become an indecent female dog.
The man's "Common sense" changes greatly always anywhere only by one chance.
Let's throw away recognition of abnormality. The delusion is made an embodiment.

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