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Minami Yoshizawa
Hypnosis [red]DX25 Document

actress/Minami Yoshizawa

Can you believe?
One record image that is here is a reality that actually happened on September 23, 2009.
It faints when the finger is sounded, it faints when the arm is pulled, it faints when the body is shaken, and it faints when standing up from the bed. Number and continuousness 36 times.
"Body rule"
Hint that body reacts to sound of drum. A large amount of sweats spout by wetting the hair from the face, and the armpit gets stuffy with the sweat.
"Stop at time"
It stops in the state of the masturbation at time. Soup gushes as opened momentarily of the release.
The illusion hint sees staff's penis.
The penis there without is compulsorily put in the mouth. The woman feels slaver I feel pleasure though it is a sink.
Event greatly in daily life far apart at the same day and the same time. Please see.

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