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Kokomi Naruse
Hypnosis [red]DX24 Mind Control

actress/Kokomi Naruse

The situation of the best by hypnosis was prepared. [Virtual hypnotist]
You become a hypnotist, and you will train weak soul…. She saucy becomes individual belongings by hypnosis. The tool only of the shake of the neck up and down with the schlong held in one's mouth forgets the character.
[Hypnosis laboratory]
One consideration of man action at hypnosis.
1:Whenever breathing, consideration becomes faint.
2:If the arrangement of a thing all over the room is not changed, the mind is not filled.
3:It keeps wiping each part of the body through all eternity.
[Virtual family」
Compulsion symbiosis with strange others. The slave recognizes it is normal an abnormal thing. Without caring even if where it came I am neither who is understood.
Mind control 3CONTENTS.

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