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Kokomi Naruse
Hypnosis [red]DX24 Document

actress/Kokomi Naruse

Chapter of document on which hypnosis is put by non-stop even if any thing occurs. [Faint] It is made by risk many times, and becoming of standing the bother. [Body rule] It extends over the on of the pillow, and it keeps shaking the waist as possessed. [Stop at time] It is stopped in the middle of the conversation. It is stopped with a smile. The inside of the body time is stopped before the act of doing is considered with my head. [Sense movement] The cushion becomes a sexual feeling, and the arm is pushed in. The scream is raised, and the body writhes. [The deep healing] Hypnosis that reaches its zenith many times is put, and It makes the whole body writhe. When time passes, it is cloudy in her expression, and the word decreases.

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