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Hypnosis [red] Mind Control SP
Saya yukimi , Honami Kousaka , Arisu Suzuki

actress/Saya Yukimi , Honami Kousaka , Arisu Suzuki

1M bitrate 1380MB

A special version appears as for the hypnosis series the drama part of especially popular "Chapter of the mind control" by doing choice from three latest, popular works.
It recommends it to the mind control mania.
Saya Yukimi
[ Beautiful woman instructor aimed at ]
Tragedy played with by one-sided desires of dirty-minded men. Man crumbles so fragilely by only a few philters. Dream event in daily life when it is uncertain cleverly planned by others.

Honami Kousaka
[ Woman who operated memory ]
The faithful slave and Tamotsu Nami love to have the dream. The favorite is a dream whose I am a man of character who saves a lot of men's worry etc.When it is not possible to recognize it, watching are far happier than it becomes the dark cloud.

Arisu Suzuki
[ Planned individual class ]
Even I am a student according to the method of continuously burying the key word changed into a gradually good quality hypnosis slave by no awareness. Such a dramatic change is accomplished in daily life when it is ordinary when hypnosis intervenes it.

Correctness is "Saya Yukimi" though the first scene "Honami Kousaka" and the telop come out in this volume.
I'm sorry.



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