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Asuka Morimoto
Hypnosis [red] DX23 Document

actress/Asuka Morimoto

The person plays with the person. The thing indicates the approved thing by a very one-sided like this method.
Continuous faint that breathes and attaches soon. The edge of the skirt is gripped when the impression is heard, and the expression for which it pesters ablush is floated.
The sole becomes sensitive starting with the sound. The whole body is gone into convulsions as globules of sweat spout to the face when the place is made for them to stand, and the current starts when they are made to walk by force.
"Stop at time"
The time of the testee is a complete stop according to the sound of a flute. Even if clothes are stripped off or the body is played with, it doesn't have the memory between those at all.
Nothing doesn't start being felt like the doll, and it moving. The pupil doesn't shine even if do the thrust of the mouth of the finger or the eyelid is wrenched open by force with energies lost.

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