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Asuka Morimoto
Hypnosis [red] DX23 super complete

actress/Asuka Morimoto

"Virtual hypnotist" You become a hypnotist, and I will train enough weak soul. The character changes by 180 degrees, and changes into an obedient slave if hypnosis is induced with the philter, and it orders it by the key word according to the pendulum. "Hypnosis laboratory" Consideration of man action at hypnosis. 1.Simple operation is repeated with the length by diseased. 2. Wherever the place exists, all specified parts are rubbed against the chair. 3.It is not worn to the body absolutely correctly even if it thinks about given clothes hard in the head. "Prostitution girl promotion plan" It plays in selfish desires of indecent men. I am forgotten whenever ordered, everything is forgotten, and it is absorbed pitifully in service to others.

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