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Maki Houjyo
Hypnosis [red] DX22 Document

actress/Maki Houjyou

The aspect is not decided, and faint from the start. The freedom of the body is not effective so that it is possible to barely stand when done repeating the faint.
"Sense operation"
The body waves like the current's having been thrown when the hypnotist beats the bed by a constant rhythm. The sweat is oozed out sideward, the face flushes, and breath becomes rough.
"Stop at time"
The private time stops if the whistle is sounded. Neither the face nor the body move even if it is kissed or the hight is felt while hardening like the doll.
The vibes is applied in the body, and the penis is put. The glance keeps chasing the lens on a camera by the hint indefinitely though breath spills as falling into disorder from the nose and the mouth, and the body shakes by seeming run up against a stone wall by the head. A certain record image made hypnosis pickle by non-stop without thing that becomes interrupted.

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