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Maki Houjyo
Hypnosis [red] DX22 Mind control

actress/Maki Houjyou

"Virtual hypnotist"
It enters the state of the sleep walking by the light of the penlite. The word is repeated many times, and it becomes a puppet executed as it is an instruction if ordered by the key word.
"Hypnosis laboratory"
1.It faints when it is possible to blow up a balloon. It is done repeatedly, and consideration becomes distant.
2.The act cannot be stopped as degrees of the hand of the condition reflection how many are washed in hypnosis, and the hypnotist's signal doesn't exist.
3.The grain of the lemon is bitten one by one and the happiness of the best overflows every time it tightens. Pitiful slave who tastes it as if beast because of dream at time.
"Woman cheated by me"
Tragedy of a certain career woman that are cheated space that is by person by image method by which consideration conversion is done in paradise comfortable for all things to become trivial, and cheated by me.

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