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Risa Murakami
Hypnosis [red] DX21 Document

actress/Risa Murakami

The woman who exists in the video has the innumerable hand assumed to faint, and only for me to be seen if it faints, and the finger is sounded when kissing groped the body, and the body writhes without permission funnily. Moreover, it enters the state that doesn't awake as long as the sound in which the hand is beaten no matter it hardens as if the private time stopped, and what it is done meanwhile is not heard at all if the whistle is sounded in the middle of change of clothes. It floats it on uneasiness that I gather, and similarly, it floats and it begins to float the expression of perplexity on the woman in hypnosis that the body hardens to the signal so that even the head is invaded the foot ahead floating hypnotist's word. Image record that cannot be understood from common sense. Please see.

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