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iPhone / Hypnosis [red] DX.20 Mind Control
Arisu Suzuki

actress/Arisu Suzuki


"virtual hypnotist" You become a hypnotist, and I will train a weak soul enough. It goes off the handle by the hint to operate feelings, and to be going to self-move hypnosis later it can be a manipulation in the remainder though thinks. "Hypnosis laboratory" Consideration of man action at hypnosis. The rhythm of the metronome slowly melts the self-consciousness, and obscures even the memory. "Planned individual class that hypnosis invades" Even I am a student according to the method of continuously burying the key word changed into a gradually good quality hypnosis slave by no awareness. Such a dramatic change is accomplished in daily life when it is ordinary when hypnosis intervenes it.


iPhone / iPod touch

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