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iPhone / Hypnosis [red] DX.03 Time stop mind control
ai himeno

actress/Ai Himeno

The evolution system of chapter maniac time-stop and chapter "Time-stop and mind control" (TSmc) appear in red deluxe 3 hypnosis.
The mind control plays with the intertwining pleasure in exquisiteness and the actress is played with by operating it with the time stop. The first'Chapter of yoga classroom'
Actress who becomes a disciple of classes in yoga for health. The hypnotic induction is done while obeying instructions, the body and pleasure are played with with TSmc, and multiple people have sexual intercourse.
The second'It is TSmc as for a high-handed secretary. '
Actress of president secretary with bad in high-handed attitude behavior reputation. It is made taking the hypnosis introduction medicine as doubt and exist and the rape of the company takeover is done by taletelling while being done TSmc.
'Chapter at what time of where TSmc'
TSmc is put anywhere at what time in lunch, the make-up inside, and the shower, etc.All are the system of most much evolution hypnoses of the viewpoint.


iPhone / iPod touch

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