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iPhone / Hypnosis [red] 6
yuka satsuki

actress/Yuka Satsuki

It is a hypnosis series highest masterpiece for 04 years.
Hypnosis that attacks actress "Yuka Satsuki" one after another.
It is in the best condition from the stage of the hint test. It dares splendidly by as many as 31 continuous faint firing in rapid succession. "Consideration rule" that stretches one's legs apart when singing whyIt is plenty in "Character change" and "Stop at time" like indecent mischievous and "Mirroring" &"Be tied down" etc. to the race queen.
It is a new technique and a lot of new item vigor like the transformation etc. in the dog transformed to the frog of man vase, urination of opening to the public by "Repeating change", and "Animal change". Hypnotism unites splendidly with Hello.


iPhone / iPod touch

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