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Arisu Suzuki
Hypnosis [red] DX.20 Document

actress/Arisu Suzuki

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"Consideration rule" It introduces oneself toward the camera. Consideration is caught by watching the lens, and the muscle in the body is lost. "Faint" The energy of comfortable light circulates around the whole body, and is wrapped. "Stopped time" My important thing is carried to a place different from here, and the remaining scent is played with. "Puppet operation" Consideration and the body are separated, and controlled like others' words. "Sleep walking doll" It is invited to the sound of the metronome, and to the world of deep hypnosis. Whenever it requests, and step is missed, oneself is voluntarily made impure. "deep healing" The more it hopes, the more it doesn't part. It becomes troublesome excluding the forgotten thing. The body cannot be manipulated, feelings be manipulated, and it escape from the happiness of fictitious.

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