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Honami Kousaka
Hypnosis [red] DX.19 Mind control

actress/Honami Kousaka

500K bitrate 634MB , 1M bitrate 1150MB

Individual's world is only part of others' worlds, and the in what manner can be operated, too. "Virtual reality hypnotist" Here is a man Dutch wife depository. Let's do the doll not resisted at all no matter what it does and do enough and the rape for the desire. "Hypnosis laboratory" Inducement by image method. The human experimentation where the key word is buried single-mindedly makes a funny degree and a beautiful living thing born. "Between woman, dream, and reality from which memory is operated" The faithful slave and Tamotsu Nami love to have the dream. The favorite is a dream whose I am a man of character who saves a lot of men's worry etc.When it is not possible to recognize it, watching are far happier than it becomes the dark cloud.

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