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Honami Kousaka
Hypnosis [red] DX.19 Document

actress/Honami Kousaka

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"Faint" It faints slowly while tracing a comfortable sense in the memory. "Stop at time" The sound of a flute is guided the road ahead. The soul is kidnapped to a pleasant another dimension. "Unprepareness physical exercise work" It makes the remainder though each motor nerve is manipulated function without permission. "Sleep walking doll" Whenever 'Person who became a material' smiles, everything becomes troublesome. "Hypnosis self-movement" Not a pitiful intention and the prospect but happiness is requested. An interesting result comes out by being if the puppet is avaricious. "Deep healing" Soul play by image method. In 'Happiness' packed one after another, the container that exceeds the allowance is an at a dash overflow frog. It reaches this conduct oneself the miracle of the dark where the person is manipulated the remainder in a little wordplay though thought.

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