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Saya Yukimi
Hypnosis [red] DX.18 Document

actress/Saya Yukimi

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The key to crash is an own temptation. Whole content of post-hypnosis self-movement "After hypnosis action". "Faint"The power of both shoulders comes off and falls, and the prop of power pops suddenly as the screw came off and flies. "Time is stopped."The soul : to the air sky with the sound of a flute. "Unprepareness physical exercise work"Pressed perplexity and expectation are strong stimulants for a sad puppet. "Sleep walking doll"An eidolon of light plays, that I grow dim happy. "Hypnosis self-movement"Hint that oneself has them move concealed key word. Unbearable 'Dryness' blots and is filled by the temptation that goes out. "Deep healing"The overflowing sense of well-being charms a weak soul. The dream made up drives recklessly as a result of being severely mixed. It faithfully voluntarily follows an own desire.

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