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Hypnosis [red] DX.17 Document


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"Hereafter, I will put the hourglass in you. It begins to move without permission as time passes if the hourglass is operated here and there in the body. " One condition reflecting by operation that makes mind empty example.
Escape power faint from memory of preliminary hypnosis.
"Unprepareness physical exercise work"
The pleasant hypnosis invaded to soak develops without noticing.
"Sleep walking doll"
The magic of comfortable light invites a weak soul to thick shadows.
"Stop at time"
A pitiful body to have lost the conning tower : though was left, and was done wholly as it was to the remainder.
"Repeating change"
The system buried from a new leader is an absolute criteria.
"Deep healing"
Warm light that rules the whole body happily fills the soul. The soul that forgets the world doesn't hold a little doubt, and be made dirty.

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