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Iori Mizuki
Hypnosis [red] DX.16 Mind control

actress/Iori Mizuki

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"Now I will teach the word that I become pleasant now. "
Mind control 3CONTENTS.
"Virtual hypnotist"
Feelings operation and metronome hypnotic induction to faint momentarily. Please enjoy an obedient puppet that single-mindedly becomes lewd if the toy is given.
"Hypnosis coma training"
A weak soul always becomes outlets of the desires of dirty-minded men. As if, like hoping for the thing that oneself becomes a character toy ….
"Back rule of hypnology garden"
A certain school of going on to school by which nymph disappears one after another. The realities were neither a spirited aways, nor leaving home, and premeditated puppet plays by familiar men, etc.Only others always seize magic.

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