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Iori Mizuki
Hypnosis [red] DX.16 Document

actress/Iori Mizuki

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Energy flows from the head, and is transmitted in the whole body.
"Sleep walking doll"
Only the thing where it follows after light : only one action permitted to the soul that became the prisoner of forgetting.
"Stop at time"
As for 'Thing' that the soul has neither another dimension nor "Repeating change" intention blown off, and doesn't have the mind with the sound of a flute either only according to the key word, it plays.
"Deep healing"
Light that feelings are melting good rules the whole body. Soul to soak in pleasure prepared by others deeply, and to be drowned.
"Hollow mind"
'Happiness of fictitious' is packed by the overflow. The overheating soul forgets oneself in the pleasure that cannot be recognized, and is intoxicated. Pleasure outside assumption. The whole content that plays hypnosis trance as far exceed line that person recognizes by it.

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