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Saki Tsuji
Hypnosis [red] DX.15 Mind control

actress/Saki Tsuji

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Mind control 3CONTENTS.
"Virtual hypnotist"
Compulsion masturbation act that sensitivity UP and stops at time. Please do not hold a little doubt, and do the other party of a pitiful, lonely puppet.
"Trap of solicitation Commercial Code"
It repeats to the instruction with a smile, and it executes it. There are neither feelings as piece nor an intention, and it follows others' one-sided desires like the condition reflection.
"Woman of sleeplessness"
To my clinic please when you feel tiredness even a little. I will inject the pleasure of the best into the mind that vomits feelings and becomes empty greatly. Ordinary ..'.. daily life when it valued it as you are important'I will teach the ease when changing completely in dramatic form.

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