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Saki Tsuji
Hypnosis [red] DX.15 Document

actress/saki tsuji

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Escape power faint because of stare method. Hands and feet begin to move without permission regardless with its intention like a deep hypnotic state.
"Stop at time"
It doesn't come back while stopping time even if playing a trick with becoming the prisoner of pleasure.
"Sleep walking doll"
The idea softens, and the muscle loosens. The rhythm of the body becomes impossible to begin to go mad gradually, and to take one's eyes off light it and becomes crazy.
"Hollow mind"
It is ruled by the energy of 'Happiness' prepared by others.
"Repeating change"
The medium programmed to react only to ordered 'Word' functions without there is no intention, and the insistence with submission.
"Deep healing"
It is ruled by many pleasure that exceeds the tolerance, and the soul feels disoriented. The ego shakes, and the body is attracted to the ease. True charm of operation of hollow mind.

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