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Ryouko Murakami
Hypnosis [red] DX.14 Mind control

actress/Ryouko Murakami

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Daily life collapses, and the story of others who fall. 3CONTENTS。 "Virtual hypnotist" Sensitivity UP and compulsion masturbation act. It plays enough by the shake of the flame the puppet that treats easily. Man is lewd transfigured by one chance. "Beautiful woman odontology department woman doctor's misfortune" Odontology department woman doctor treated by hypnosis like toy. The fate is greatly repainted from her while oneself doesn't notice. "Trap of a certain singles service" A pure soul is manipulated by the scatter scatter. It comes to like a man who doesn't have goodwill either, and the end of a certain woman from whom frantically serving to pleasure has become a salt of life. The dark easily deprives of the fantasy in daily life like this, and buries the life of the different thing completely.

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