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Ryouko Murakami
Hypnosis [red] DX.14 Document

actress/Ryouko Murakami

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It gets drunk on the pleasure of hypnosis and it degenerates slowly while the be known. The body is ruled by the languidness.
"Stop at time"
The experiment body that stopped like the vacuous expression is inconsiderate even if it plays in the body.
"Sleep walking doll"
It was fascinated, and weak 'Thing' is invited to warm light that leads me, and follows even where.
"Repeating change"
It changes into the puppet that repeats the thing said by the hint and executes it.
A comfortable sense as it is not possible to stand attacks the whole body. The buried virtual pleasure becomes a reality and is expressed.
"Deep healing"
Energy is not ..abundant from the head.., rushes into, and the whole body is ruled by unprecedented pleasure. The dark opens the mouth, and faces the soul. Forgetting always faces, and tempts a weak soul if oneself hopes or it will not hope.

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