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Kasumi Nanase
Hypnosis [red] DX.13 Mind control

actress/Kasumi Nanase

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【Your body betrays you 】
3CONTENTS of chapter super-mc and enchantment.
"Virtual hypnotist" kef in continuous faint, sensitivity UP, and brain. Hypnotist virtual reality experience to play with puppet that treats easily enough from the tip of a finger and palm by originating energy.
"Beautiful woman college woman hypnosis toy making plan"
Woman who went unexpectedly regularly to hospital. Mischievous of the fate changes her to the toy of "Individual", and tells a gray end.
"Hypnosis mc seminar"
Only in receiving a certain corporate interview, it is a woman who missed her step greatly in ordinary daily life. It becomes slaves of dirty-minded men, and it lives another life. Hanging man Aya by operation of hollow mind pleasantness?。

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