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Kasumi Nanase
Hypnosis [red] DX.13 Document

actress/Kasumi Nanase

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Open eye continuousness faint because of stare method.
"Stop at time"
It stops by the sound of a flute at the inside of the body time. I do not remember the event stopping even if disgrace is received at all.
"Sleep walking doll"
It is induced to light, and the clan wanders. Hands and feet's muscle loosens, and is attracted to not firm on one's legs and sweet light.
"Repeating change"
Hypnotist's word runs in woman's brain, and changes into an accurate signal.
"Deep healing"
Energy that rules the whole body is pleasure to forget existing.
Consideration is severely mixed, and ruled by the happiness of fictitious. The dark slips quickly in the brain that dissolved like butter. Feat of comfortable new sense and open-minded operation that brains melts.

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