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Bunko Kanazawa
Hypnosis [red] DX.12 Document

actress/Bunko Kanazawa

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"Faint" The originating energy invites the soul from the palm to the world in the comfortable dark. "Mistake" The arm goes up regardless with an own intention, and the body is manipulated. "Body rule" Bodily functions of the body say and are states according to the hint. "Stop at time" Stop at the inside of the body time. The soul that even the bottom in the dark strays off cannot immediately understand the world at which I am looking even if brought back. "Open-mindedly" The muscle loosens, and the sigh leaks, and melts. "Illusion" Illusion of bathing. The given story rules the sense. "Repeating change" Pleasure to follow is a sweet trap where a weak soul is pleased, and happiness is felt. The essence of pleasure pursuit type RED hypnosis that enchanting all testees doesn't stop is forgetting hypnosis etc. from which it cannot escape.

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