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Bunko Kanazawa
Hypnosis [red] DX.12 Mind control

actress/Bunko Kanazawa

500K bitrate 515MB , 1M bitrate 884MB

"Virtual hypnotist" Kef in faint, sensitivity UP, and brain. Enough and you must play by energy that originates the puppet that treats easily from the tip of a finger and the palm. "Teacher of school nurse's office of yearning" It ties the body with the chain not seen, and the subconsciousness is manipulated like the mind. A beautiful female teacher becomes the food of a one-sided romantic feeling. "Hypnosis mind control seminar" Office lady and the actress who felt pressured in life depend on the hypnosis course, the mind is opened, and it changes into the slave who pursues only pleasure. Hypnosis story that changes completely usually small and changes into the dark.

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