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Reiko Yamaguchi
Hypnosis [red] DX.11 Document

actress/Reiko Yamaguchi

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"Faint" The string that ties the tension at the same time as signaling is opened at a dash, pops, and flies. Open eye faint and catalepsy. "Deep healing" Pleasure goes through the whole body like the blitz, and the body goes into convulsions little by little. "Stop at time" The soul blown off with the sound of a flute doesn't remember any event while it is being separated from the body. The function of "Personality change" brain complete is controlled. As for the character, the switch is done by one signal. "Sleep walking doll" It walks hollowly by the hint. "Body rule" Body tied with chain not seen. It is possible to sleep in the body while not being possible to move. "Transformer control" The opened pleasure goes along in all the neural pathways, and attacks the whole body instantaneously. A weak soul loses the significance of existence, and is seized completely by others. Record image of happy person play?。

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