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Yuka Osawa
Hypnosis [red] DX.10 Document

actress/Yuka Osawa

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"Faint" eyelid goes into convulsions, and the body flushes. The soul is led over there of forgetting. "Mistake" Hint that ball becomes heavy, and next man becomes The Invisible Man. "Stop at time" When erogenous zone is stimulated while stopping the inside of the body time, it is at once Squirting. "Feelings operation" Shame drawn out breaking out. Person's eyes are considered more than the necessity. "Mirroring" It operates a puppet, and the person is manipulated. The soul and the body are completely seized. "Repeating change" Man who remembered the manipulated pleasure : to others' saying single-mindedly. "Marionette" The body tied with the string not seen is made the same movement as others. "Making to sculpture" muscular movement rule. It is moved like the mind, and the body hardens stony. Complete rule of muscle and consideration. This is an original appearance of the man puppet.

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