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Tsubaki Kato
Hypnosis [red] DX.09 Document

actress/Tsubaki Kato

1M bitrate 975MB

"Faint" The muscle of the whole body loosens regardless of an own intention as melting. "Mistake" Hint that man in the next becomes The Invisible Man. Something not seen is felt after in the body, and a sweet sigh leaks. "Stop at time" It stops by the sound of a flute at the inside of the body time. The memory is as hashed as the edited film. "Body rule" It is bound by the restraining device not seen and the freedom of the body is deprived. "Personality change" The nature of masochist awakes continuously about the spank. "Repeating change" The experiment body of suitable executed as the remark cracked becomes a dog, massages the chest, and plays by the female genital. The body trembles with unknown pleasure "Intoxication sex" the ego collapses. Blissout for continuousness of catalepsy and a long time. Characteristic demonstrating of man Aya hanging.

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