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Hypnosis [red] DX.08 Time Stop Mind control
yui matsuno


"Time stop mind control outdoors game"
I suggest it in the outdoors. I swoon by the words of the mesmerist consecutively, and it is totally handled like a toy with a hypnosis rem state, somnambulism onanism, and the woman throws a soul open without being concerned with the outdoors.
"Neighbor young wife time stop unconsciousness operation"
I bring up beautiful woman young wife, a woman living in the neighbor into the hypnosis slave who wants to come to do a fellatio when I watch a penis and thoroughly fully enjoy the body by a stop in time.
"The miscalculation of a certain woman bank manager"
The cold-blooded woman that the new branch manager who did alternation of generations has neither the blood nor the tears. The opening scene of a play of the revenge drama without the complete enthralment by the "hypnosis that a body moves in the" state of things being over…. I rule until the human time without staying in only the body
"A thyme stop"
I let I ransack hypnosis and the brain of the Homo sapiens, and character be out of order.
"Mind control"
To you who like hypnosis….

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