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Yui Matsuno
Hypnosis [red] DX.08 Document

actress/Yui Matsuno

500Kbitrate 561MB , 1Mbitrate 968MB

"Movement rule"
The motor function of the body is slowly melted by the metronome hypnotic induction.
My intention is a woman who contrarily repeats the faint. The ego is pulled apart by the fall to the deep hole. "Feelings rule"
Human feelings pattern complete is operated. Even the emotion also freely manipulates the RED hypnosis, and the soul reflects the condition to the original feeling without noticing the thing that the lid is done at all as it is a hint.
"Stop at time"
Consideration and the body stiffen by the sound of a flute. The fair skin and the transparent consideration are made dirty evenly by venomous hypnosis.
"Repeating change"
The thing said regardless is repeated, and executed with my intention.
"Transformer control"
Hypnosis that repeats the intonation of pleasure is awfully perplexed in a normal brain, and the soul swallowed to the whirlpool of the delight.

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