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Maho Sawai/Ai Himeno
Hypnosis [red] DX.07 Restraint Mind control

actress/Maho Sawai,Ai Himeno

500Kbitrate 527MB , 1Mbitrate 908MB

To the world where the frieze and the mind control of great popularity are deeper.
"Frieze control"
The power function of the body decreases remarkably when Mr. RED cracks one's finger joints. The body and the mind will stop before long.
Consideration floats, and is in the state of hypnosis REM. A pure soul is slowly dragged to thick shadows.
"Repeating change"
Two souls not saved take off clothes though it is the outdoors when ordered, and it urinates.
"Repeating slave sisters"
Purely sisters, Ai, and Maho fell victim of a dirty-minded stalker by hinting repeating change.

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