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Maho Sawai/Ai Himeno
Hypnosis [red] DX.07 Document

actress/Maho SawaiAi,Himeno

It faints when fainting, and kissing when cracking one's finger joints. The soul is played with repeating the faint many times in dimly consideration.
"Stop at time"
Even if it is made taking off clothes or the body is touched, it is the inside of the body time in the state of stopping. In addition, it hints it to the hint done repeatedly by the production of seeing with a smile...
"Degradation hypnosis"
The soul cannot go back time, and a young character of just awaking manage pleasure. A new memory of existing in another dimension is a memory of the loose dark.
"Repeating change"
Faithful two marionettes to the character that are repeated as said to RED and executed covet the lust until reason is paralyzed each other. It is a complete slave change by the non-stop for 142 minutes. Mere shadow of two souls keeps being played with...
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