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Hypnosis [red] DX.06 Time stop mind control


500Kbitrate 492MB , 1Mbitrate 844MB

Hypnosis story sent to person who likes stop at time and mind control.
"Hypnosis movement after college woman"
The college woman, Nene tempted by the present are called to the specified telephone number. Then, the soul is comfortably dragged to the voice of a man who hears it from the telephone entrance, and in the state of the sleep walking.
"Swimming race instructor illusion character change play"
It plays a trick Nene that became a swimming race instructor by Time Stop. Eyes chase the finger put out why though time stops. Nene afterwards that receives course of scuba. The oxygen inhalation is practiced the content of the cock pump in the mouth.
"Intellectual lawyer obedient toy"
A talented lawyer and Nene that everyone admits lose a suit though it undertakes the task. The client who resented it unjustly traps Nene by hypnosis in cooperation with RED. Please enjoy play that manipulates her who has become an another person case.

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