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Hypnosis [red] DX.06 Document


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Body rule first of all. It plays a trick while pasting to the floor by the hint that the adhesive places to the hand and having adhered. Afterwards, it stiffens by the hint that the body becomes hard like the stick of iron. It faints continuously.
It faints when it faints, and water is drunk when fainting, and sitting when laughing. Nene to faint by all methods. When musical instruments are sounded in Time Stop, and the whistle is blown, it is Time Stop. Oneself is stopped by an own action. Afterwards, repeating change, the illusion character change, and the character training are completed, and the happening occurs when moving to the manipulation of the main.
Nene to which it is mixed in the brain : by various hints in the state of a high transformer. Moreover, the image that the post-hypnosis issues excessively in the scene is must see. The slave who understood things only from pleasure faintly floats the expression of pleasure.

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