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Yumi Kazama
Hypnosis [red] 29

actress/Yumi Kazama

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Hypnosis that manipulates veteran actress's Yumi Kazama. The deep sleep first of all. After it falls into a deep hypnotic state by the metronome inducement,continuous faint with RED bazooka. To the world far while enlightened too continuously. In the sense rule that only was able to be touched the woman so as not to feel it even if various parts are touched by a man and felt, a little stimulation by the woman receives the orgasm. She completely hangs to the hint in standard Time Stop and post-hypnosis and repeating change and she is made fellatio do as said in the condition of unconsciousness and licks woman's anal,she is like a puppet. In the personality change, Yumi changed into a overbearingly senior nursing officer. The standpoint is reversed by hypnosis though the weak doctor is scolded with the blunder nurse.She is made the toy of two people without the body moving though it is conscious.

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