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Miyu Hoshino
Hypnosis [red] 28

actress/Miyu Hoshino

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'Miyu Hoshino' that bloomers & sailor blouse style suits appears in hypnosis red 28. The deep sleep first of all. Miyu that firmly hangs to the hint by preliminary hypnosis reaches the depth or more. It becomes a corbicula four and the room wanders. Slaver is dripping from her mouth and opened eyes are completely hollow.
It is Time Stop reconfirming hanging to the hint by the continuing body rule. Only the time of Miyu stops splendidly. And, the animal changes. It is finished to become even female cat that comes into rut if it is thought that it became a lovely cat.
Miyu splendidly manipulated as if testee's model such as air-fellatio, age regressions, and making to doll with mc that continues afterwards. The work that can become a new Bible of hypnosis red series is completion here!

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