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Akane Mochida
Hypnosis [red] 27,Special Maniac time stop mind control

actress/Akane Mochida

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"Hypnosis[red]27" special version!
"A maniac chapter TS mc" appears as the truth different from "the chapter of the document"!
"The first outdoors hypnosis"
The RED hypnosis in the outdoors where the demand was gotten is dared than before! Akane of not firm on one's legs in the state of the sleep walking, the stark-naked and the masturbation are done outdoors, she does in the state of white of the eye on orgasm.
"The second non-daily educational institution play"
Hypnosis is given to schoolgirl's Akane by teachers, gracious is undertaken, it is made to a sexual toy, and it is played with.
"Chapter of thirdly maniac TS & faint"
A impact or more image is collected in the maniac or more as a continuous faint, the convulsion, white of the eye, and the tongue stick out. Three real that was able to be achieved because of Akane Mochida and RED hypnosis.
It is an excellent work of the most much hypnosis [red] series!

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