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Akane Mochida
Hypnosis [red] 27,Special Document

actress/Akane Mochida

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Anyway, the manipulated appearance is deep!! Hypnosis [red] 27 appears as a special version in the Akane Mochida appearance!! Akane that masochist is originally strong. Such she experienced unknown stimulation only of hypnosis!
Hands and feet's being drawn by the body rule, and being restrained to the chain not seen are usual! Even orgasm is manipulated by the sense rule, and it becomes escape power, open eyes, faints, and whites of the eye by signaling the finger! Moreover, it hangs to the hint where stimulation is felt by the signal given with a drum! It feels it in spanking not usual many times.
Though the techniques such as Time Stop, the Dutch wife change, the personality changes, and mind control continued, the animal change is especially a masterpiece! Mind control is done even by the frog, the chicken, the puppy, and the pig, she was Akane that did even SEX!

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